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Hello Everyone,

   They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So hopefully our website will fill you with the story of the Smith Family. So Take a peek and see some of the things going on down here in Alabama....

Darrell is still working hard at International Paper, and thinking about retiring. (If Dad retires he can help Mom around the house cooking- Ok, him just going behind her adding loads of Cajun!) He is the brains behind everything done on the computers so we just call him when something doesn't work! Almost forgot to mention that he is Mr. Fix it around here ...if ANYTHING breaks just call dad!!! Thanks DAD!

Marlene is working herself to death ...babysitting Ryan during the week and still having the energy every night to clean the house and make her "No Body Cooks Like Mom Dinner's." (Well, at least Marcy and I think so!) Her jobs are endless but always has time to be Best Friend, Mother, Wife, and most important Grammy!!! Just to start it all over again tomorrow! We wouldn't know what to do without her!!!

Rod the attorney is working hard saving people from long jail sentences (Thanks Rod) to the really important job of being Marcy's Husband... Wow good luck Rod!

Marcy is still working hard and didn't skip a beat during the retirement of her current employer. Now employed by a new Judge she continues to fight for all the worlds injustices. Marcy has become a Troop Leader for Junior Girl Scouts in our area and teaches Sunday School.

Rebecca is now in Second Grade and really enjoys it. She acts so grown up sometimes and totally surprises you by what she says! She loves collecting anything Barbie and Fairies! She has now joined Brownies and will be attending her first camp out in spring.

Ryan is growing like a weed.. Eating everything in site, but has become very picky. He can be a handful for anyone.... A typical Boy. He now goes to Church School 3 days a week giving Grammy a little time to herself.

Forrest still works in Birmingham and is Chief of our local Volunteer Fire Department (Link on Right) fighting fires and saving little kittens from trees. (Hey it's no joke he really had to do that) And with all this and work he still finds time to play games on the internet sometimes for 12 hours straight! 

Darlene (Me) still has the zoo and volunteers taking pictures at the local shelter for their website, and now maintains both the Humane Society's site and adding photos to their Petfinder & Save-A-Pet pages. (All  links on Right) I also designed this site and Holtville/Slapout's (Link On Right) Website and maintain them also. I also was hired to design a website for another volunteer fire department. I have also been foster mom to some great pets! Check here for current fosters up for adoption. We now have online stores on cafépress click here to view some of the items available and for links to our stores. Update 12/11/05- Vash has finally been adopted after 8 Months! Clover was adopted Feb 11 and Gavin, Skylar & Shelby also ADOPTED!

Stephanie is now a teen who loves her privacy! IM's,E-mail, Music, Japanese Anime,Writing her own stories and Drawing are her favorite pastimes now!!! She is now 17 and has her drivers license!

Andrew is now in middle school -Fifth Grade. He enjoys going camping with the family, going to Florida and meeting new friends. He also loves to play video games and loves his new Go-Kart his Grandparents bought for him! He helps train and play with all the foster puppies we bring home but really hates to give them up when they are adopted.

I hope there are enough pictures to fill in the gaps of our little intro, have a look and see! And Thanks for visiting us here at 5Smith!!!

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Birthdays, Anniversary Dates and Other Events will be posted on our New Calendar!!