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Ice-Australian Shepherd (Deaf ) /Adopted From MHS

Roscoe-DMH /Adopted From HSEC

Cleo-Australian Shepherd/ Spitz Mix (Partially Deaf ) /Adopted From BHS

Harley-Pointer /Adopted From HSEC

River-American Bulldog/Pit Bull Mix (Deaf) /Adopted From HSEC

Tucker-Siamese Mix /Adopted From HSEC

Carson-Australian Shepherd Mix /Fostered for HSEC Then Adopted- AUGUST 2001- JUNE 2007


Haiku-Pit Bull/American Bulldog Mix (Deaf) /Adopted From HSEC

Soccer-DSH /Stray- JUNE 2003 - OCTOBER 2007

Boots-Catahoula Leopard Dog / Fostered for HSEC Then Adopted


Zombie-Catahoula Leopard Dog /Fostered for HSEC Then Adopted

Fosters or Strays


How Dog's Celebrate Birthdays

1. Rise at 5:30 am. wet-nose the master.

2. Go out and pee on the world.

3. Make poopy.

4. Sniff poopy.

5. Seriously think about eating poopy.

6. Eat funny-looking bug instead.

7. Throw up bug parts on living room rug.

8. Drink out of magic well.

9. Roll around in filth, then lavish Master with kisses.

10. Sleep for 17 hours. Start all over again.


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All Photos were taken by Darlene Gregg


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